Consulting Experience

Consultant, World Bank, Pakistan, 2018.

 Project title: “Pakistan @ 100: Nurturing people, policies and institutions for economic development in Pakistan” (the final report can be found here; a working paper version of the report is here)

  • Analyzed the current state of the quality of Governance in Pakistan.
  • Drafted a background paper on “Reaping the Governance Dividend—how improving policies, institutions, and skills could accelerate structural transformation in Pakistan“.
  • Benchmarked the quality of governance in Pakistan in terms of bureaucratic quality, devolution, and institutional quality.
  • Drafted detailed policies on how to improve the quality of governance in Pakistan in order for Pakistan to achieve a high-income country status by 2047.

Consultant, World Bank, Malaysia, 2017. 

Project title: “The impact of infrastructure on productivity – Malaysia productivity study” (the final report can be found here)

  • Analyzed the impact of regulatory burden of Government policies on operations of businesses.
  • Drafted a background paper on how Malaysian public investment in different types of infrastructure help boosts its productivity.
  • Benchmarked infrastructure quality of Malaysia in ports, airports, railways and roads against other economies of the region.
  • Benchmarked business environment and competitiveness of Malaysian economy

Consultant, PwC, Middle East, 2017.

  • Conducted an impact analysis of International Financial Center in an Asian Economy.
  • Forecasted financial services metrics.
  • Conducted an econometric analysis of how institutional quality can impact the market share of the financial centre.
  • Conducted an econometric analysis of the impact of financial centre on economic growth and FDI.

Consultant, PwC, Middle East, 2017.

  • Performed a statistical analysis of survey data on what drives volunteering work in a particular GCC country using SPSS and Excel.
  • Drafted a report on the factors incentivizing volunteer work and identifying factors that could increase participation in volunteering work.

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